Friday, May 28, 2010


Isn't she.


Friday, May 7, 2010



My last two Blog posts have now both had this word in the title and it is no mere coincidence that they are the first Blog posts I've made since our little Iris came into our lives.

Now before you gag on the sappiness of the above sentence please take note...those who know me will be the first to explain that when it comes to heart and soul I'm possibly lacking either. I'm about the least Hallmark kinda person around and my way of showing affection still borders on primary school. If I like you I'll give you a punch in the arm and a noogie to show my feelings for you...I should have been a man!

But Dear Constants, this baby just turns me into sappy, gag worthy mush, she is just beyond divine. Now don't get me wrong this is my fourth child and she is no more loved than any child in this house, but I really feel like for the first time I've grown into myself as a mother and can just enjoy the newborn stage.

I know now if she cries she isn't going to break, I'm confident in myself that there is nothing that she can throw at me that I haven't dealt with before, and for the first time a baby with no breastfeeding dramas.

So in summary, if I have been missing in action it's because I'm gazing dewy eyed at this absolutely divine gift to our family.

Now Shhhhhh lets just keep this between you and I, it will my carefully crafted reputation if people start thinking I'm getting soft.

In other news, garden is coming along nicely. I found a wonderful ebay seller who stocks some awesome heirloom varieties of Tomato, Eggplant and Zucchini, so I'm excited about getting them started and the ones I do have in now are getting quite productive. I'm dreaming about the big Tassie move next year as I've developed a hankering for roses...I bought myself a early mothers day present of a bunch of Tulips but it's just not the same as beautiful cut cabbage roses.

Oh and I've caved to the dark side and conned Beau into getting an iphone as a combined Mothers Day/Birthday Present....I know very non frugal etc etc but what can I just radiates awesomeness!

And a big shout out to my Sister in Law Bree who dragged her butt up to visit her two new nieces, was lovely to see you and have a grown ups nite out with you...and even lovelier when you you can see in the below picture you drive me to drink haha

Well my house is silent so that is possibly my cue to exit the blogging hemisphere, until next time peeps....