Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sometimes I forget to be grateful

As some of my Dear Constant Readers would know Bruno has never been a great talker.
He was very very late to talk at all and now at nearly 4 his latest assessment has been a moderate to
severe expressive and receptive language delay. At one stage I truly believed I'd never
have a child that would ever talk.

Anywho...the other day I was on the phone to my poor mother whinging (as per usual)
about what the kids had been doing to torture my fragile mind that particular day.
I was halfway through a particularly energetic vent about Bruno...(Arggg he follows me
everywhere, Arggg if i hear Mummy, Mummy , Mummy, mum, mummy? MUMMY!!! one more time
that day i was going to scream, if i heard him ask me the same sentence 17 gazillion
times once more i was going to scream , WOULD THAT DAMN CHILD EVER SHUT UP!!!??)
when she calmly and quite humorously reminded me of all the times I said full of woe to
her that I'd give my right leg, favourite pair of jeans etc to be able to say that Bruno
never shut up. That I would have been grateful for just one mummy.
Well I had about a billion "Mummy's" that particular day and I hadn't been grateful for any of them.
I guess it just made me stop and smell the roses a bit,we're at a stage with Bruno's talking that
we never thought we'd reach so soon and I don't want to take a moment of it for granted.
I was pondering this exact subject driving home this afternoon from Kindy, zoning out to my
too loud music when I heard his little voice pipe up from the backseat.

"Mummy I talkn to YOU"

Yes Bruno, yes you are!

(P.S excuse the fact I have no new photos, the monsters have misplaced my camera)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Divalicious overload and Newsflash ...the Terrible Two do love one another...

Excuse the huge overload of Raphaela pictures, but she was actually halfway groomed

and well behaved for once so I thought I might jump while the iron was hot so to speak

( I can sense one Poppa getting mucho excited right now).

Now bare with me me as I type a half hearted post to go with these photo's, my children

are actually trying to murder me via sleep deprivation and my brain has morphed into sludge.

So here we go.

These. is . my. children. ( minus Teddles )

See, they do actually love one another sometimes !

And look how long Diva's hair is now, trust me it normally doesn't look like this,
but caked in grime and food instead.

Its good to be back Dearest and most patient constant ( to my inconsistency ) Reader.

Monday, November 3, 2008