Monday, January 28, 2008

Time flies...

When your having fun...

I've been flicking through some of my old photos and I found these ones
of Theodora.

The first was taken in the hospital when she was born, the second is in March 07 with her cousin Zeke.

Hasn't she grown *sheds a tear*.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Crazy Women coming to a Pub near you...

I went to a Hens Night last night...and lots of love and best wishes to the glowing Bride to be...but if she was an actual Hen she'd be a Boiler.

The Bride to be is one of my good friend Sheree's Mother in Law, and it quite amusing going out with them to say the least...they made us feel old!

So if you saw a busload of 40+ women out on friday night, dressed in 70's inspired outfits and fluro wigs ( picture an aged Britney Spears on a bad day) ...then that was us!

Here's a picture of me and Sheree(excuse the missing eyes, I drink..they disappear!)...we've been friends since we were 12, and for some reason unknown to me she still tolerates me!

Anyway back to the grindstone...Raphaela starts for sessions of Kindy this coming week, very exciting!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pizza in the Park...Belated Birthdays and Diva twins

Firstly today was the day we celebrated Bruno's "fake" birthday.

Beau took him too see Waterhorse, with the general consensus that he would adore it.

BZZZZZT wrong, he took Beau by the hand mid movie and led him out *mutter mutter ungrateful child mutter mutter serpent tooth*

Then to finish today's celebrations off, we went to the Disability S.A New Years pizza in the park shindig.

And so we get to Grace.

There is always much talk of evil twins, well Raphaela has a good twin...Grace.

We have had the privilege of meeting the lovely Grace and family through the Down Syndrome society of S.A. It amazes me how much Raph and Gracie are alike, right down to their bows, Oilily and Diva nicknames. They even strut alike!

( and a big Thank you to Karen, Grace's mum for letting me post these pictures! )

The kids had a wonderful time stuffing themselves with pizza,icecream and racing off into the distance making their poor parents chase after them. Thats when they weren't using Beau for a " Horsy" that is!

Enjoy the photos Dear Constant Reader...there sure is enough of them!

Here is Raphy holding hands with another new friend Hannah.

Blowing Bubbles

I LOVE this picture I took of Raphaela today, one of my favourite ever shots.
She looks so serene and unlike her normal manic self!

Teddy practicing her new found walking skills and looking angelic...looks are so deceiving!

Monday, January 21, 2008

God help us all...

Teddy is finally walking...

Pray for us, she is not only does she have the vocabulary of
a 15 year old, but soon she'll be outrunning us as well.

Here the mini Strumpet is , living it up at what she thinks is her second home...AKA Vanessa the Unts house.

She adores Kara, and even more strangely adores her mother. Well someone has too...

Stay tuned Dear Constant Reader...Tomorrow is a very important day ( well actually it isn't, LAST Wednesday was...but we cancelled Brunos birthday that day due to him having Gastro haha!)

Bruno's (FAKE) Birthday!!

Talk soon lovely people...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The things we do to our children...

To amuse ourselves.

Including in Beaus case putting a tea towel turban on Theodora's head and singing
"Bollywood" style to her.

But she looked so cute, don't you think "tea towel chic" brings out her eyes!

Thursday was a stinking hot 42 here in Adelaide, so we did the only sane sensible thing as per usual...bundled all the kids into our hot car and dragged them to Brighton beach.

It was a lovely day though, we packed a nice picnic lunch,Raphaela managed to steal
some tourists toy shovel and none of us managed to drown.


Later that evening I abandoned the children so I could go help my friend Kelly pack up her house in Noarlunga. Which was pretty lucky I earned so much good Karma with her as the useless evil mouldering shit heap that I call a car decided to hemorrhage
coolant and die just as a pulled into a friends driveway the next morning.

Thanks so much Karen for keeping the kids entertained while I swore and coated myself in coolant...and thanks so much Kel for rescuing me!


Peace out!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Girls Day In.

Well despite my best intentions I did just about nothing today.

Well I vacuumed the car and washed the couch cover...again ( DO.NOT.ASK )...but nothing compared to what I usually do.

Bruno was at daycare today and Beau was at work, so it was just my and my girls, and it was rather nice.

And did I mention peaceful?

We wandered down the shops for milk, watched some DVDs and just chilled out in Raphaela's room taking pictures.

I just have to add these pictures of Raphaela and I, despite the fact the picture fully illustrates the fact I could eat an apple through a keyhole ( DAMN you mother for never getting me braces).

Don't we look cute!

I can't resist posting this picture of Ted either, I was faffing around in the kitchen and when I checked on her as it was rather quiet I discovered she'd climbed onto the couch and had fallen asleep ( disclaimer , although it was extremely tempting I did not leave her there).

We're off to Brighton tomorrow, stay tuned!

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Silly Season is done and dusted...

And Dear Neglected Constant Reader don't despair.

I am indeed back!

Oh and what a season it's been!

But what's done is done and now it's not only a lovely bright and shiny day, but a lovely bright and shiny new year.

We had our holiday in Wallaroo, there were tears and tantrums and people running away from home...and that was just the adults. Christmas was only slightly less eventful so we won't even go there!

I had a lovely time in Snowtown as well, and despite all predictions did not end up in a was lovely to catch up Sheree!

Oh and of course a big shout-out to Vanessa the Ow who babysat mini Ow for New Years...god know how you tamed her, but you did it.

Beau has another new job now, this time finally a full time one, and just around the corner at Mitcham *insert Eden dancing with glee*.

That's about it really readers, I've added some miscellaneous photo's from christmas and New Years...stay tuned now I have my camera charger back.

Mwah Mwah etc.