Saturday, January 30, 2010

It never rains it pours.....

At least in Far North Queensland.

After much finger drumming and whinging about the humidity the heavens have seen fit to open and rain down upon us.
Of course in perfect timing this also coincided with my Zucchini and Pumpkin setting about 300 fruit which have now all rotted, and back to school for the elder children of mine. Which meant I had the debatable pleasure of chaperoning back to school on Wednesday two children who by the time they reached their new classrooms were soggier than drowned rats and almost $200 of drenched school books.
The Joy.

But yes our Fat Boy otherwise known as The Child who had a Speech Delay yet now won't shut up has started school. Prep. I'd almost pretend I'm human and I shed a tear, but Dearest Constant Reader you know me too well. I shoved him through that door with more glee and I even experience when I hit the David Jones sales and went rocketing home to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Oh and the rain....mustn't forget the rain.

Well that's about it for us at the moment...I'm slowly trying to restore the veggie garden to some semblance of order after the torrential rain and within a few days "Our Girls" aka Angry Chook, Zen Hen and Poppet's Chicken Palace should be ready and I'll update with pictures ( Beau is fancying himself muchly,with reason mind you)

Purple chilli,Black Zebra Tomato, Capsicum and a heritage Eggplant
Tomato and Eggplant
My very happy Okra

Baby Watermelon!

Sad looking Zucchini

Squash and various Tomatoes

My Yam!

Sweet Potato
Self Seeded Pumpkin


Tommy Toe Tomato
Over and Out.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beware the Ides of March(Flies)

Well in a valiant effort to follow through with my resolutions, here I am again Dearest Readers.

I'm back from our trip to the wilds, our first official "Family Camping Trip". Amazingly Beau and I remained on speaking terms for most of the trip.

Biggest hurdles were the evil mass of march flies that decided it had never feasted upon a tastier morsel than my pregnancy bloated legs and the torrential downpour we had the first night. Probably not helped by the fact I clung to Beau all that night whimpering and clutching a hammer and asking him if the bolts of lightening was actual Axe Murderers come to butcher me in my sleep....Ahem anyway.

But despite this we all had a great time, I floated in the beautiful freshwater creek scaring the cows, Beau wandered around half naked trying to spear fish and the kids turned half wild.

We came home to find the garden had bloomed once again( especially the bloody nutgrass)and some self seeded pumpkin and tomato had also popped up. I've managed to con Beau into setting up my raised garden bed as well, so I've been fantasising about what seeds I'm going to order for that. I'm thinking some Purple Chilli, Pink Thai Tomato and a heritage variety of Thai Eggplant. Ohhh and I'm ordering some Yams and fantasising about the Push Mower I saw in Bunnings yesterday....exciting much?

So that's about it for my thrilling life at the moment, I'll finish off with some updated garden pictures and if you can stay awake through that consider it a triumph.

Zucchini Patch



Watermelon hiding behind the Pumpkin

Sweet Potato

More Watermelon

Self Seeded Butternut

Raised Garden Bed

My amazing garden in its entirety

Peace out.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions.

Can you guess #1 is to Blog with more regularity?

After wasting approx 6 months of my life this year mentally drooling over everyone elses blogs

I've finally found the motivation to return once again, if only to TELL you I've found the motivation to return once again.

So you all know 1# now, and I pinky swear now Non Constant Reader I will stay true.

Now for the rest.

#2 To eat better. Somehow whenever I fall pregnant I change from being the food nazi to consuming anything that crosses my path. Somehow I doubt my breakfast each morning of chocolate rolo dessert custard and diet coke is doing much for my backfat or helpful for optimal fetal nutrition.

3# To live more sustainably. This shall be the ultimate challenge considering I can barely spell sustainable, but hey my hearts in the right place. Normal wanky suburban measures are being put in place, half dead vegetable garden etc haha. Aim in the new year is to get some chicken and a bokashi bin. But I have been trying, I've even given up the dream of having a hushamok for bebe #4 and instead I'm putting that money towards a stash of cloth nappies....the ultimate sacrifice *wipes a tear*.

If only I had inherited my mothers green thumb.

#4 To finally get on top of all our debt and start saving for some land, after being inspired by the very clever Kelly of .

#5 Learn how to sew. BAHAHAHAHA *clutches sides*

And now just a preview of the start of my "resolutions", hopefully now I've admitted all this I'll follow through!

My Meyer Lemon Tree

Imperial Mandarin Tree



My Snazzy new watering can

Sprouting sweet potato.

Homemade laundry powder

I also have Chocolate capsicum, two types of tomato,watermelon,passionfruit,basil, snake beans,eggplant and balinese sweet corn growing. Beau also gave me a lovely raised garden bed for Christmas but we're yet to assemble it. Hopefully I manage to get something edible in the end!

Last but not least, a new companion to Fred and our latest addition.

"Frankie Blue Eyes"