Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bruno's "Dinosaur Cake"

Well technically it isn't a Dinosaur cake at all, it's actually a yoghurt,berry crumble cake...but Bruno helped bake it and he christened it a Dinosaur cake so *shrug*.
Kids are strange...especially mine.

But we had alot of fun on this drizzly cold day baking it, and even more fun eating it.

As Bruno would say...

I cook yummy Dinosaur cake mummy!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cold Blooded Creatures.

Cold Blooded Creatures.

Myself and the children I mean.

We all function better in the warmth in this family.

Adelaide had a "heatwave" recently ( I wore singlets for 2 blissful sunny weeks yet it was still barely warm enough to swim IMO! )

For two wonderful sunny shiny weeks I was happy...but now the chill has hit *cue tough southerners to giggle in disbelief, OK I know 20 degrees isn't thaaaaat cold* and I thought I'd be miserable.

But Dear Constant Reader....It ain't too bad!

It's been quite nice snuggling under the doona at night and having nice warm baths.

Teddy has discovered the joy of the Bogans favourite footwear, the almighty "Ugg" and showcased a pair of her own today. She put a whole new meaning into these boots are made for walking.

Bruno and Raph are in their element.



Rain , what more could a little boy wish for?, other a mother that didn't hack at his hair herself that is ( how do you say Homeless Orphan Chic!).

And of course the kids have been enjoying their warm bubble baths too, god knows they need one by the end of the day to scrub all the mud off!


Friday, March 21, 2008

The Pink Wiggle and the Saga of my Grotty Children

My Children are grotty.




I can dress them and have them look immaculate and within 20 seconds they look like they've never seen a bathtub in their lives let alone made intimate acquaintance with one.

It must be genetic because I'm rather like that. I dress myself, I fix my hair and do my make up.By the time I walk out the door I look like I'm homeless and that's without noticing the miscellaneous stains that gather around my bust area.

So to get decent pictures of my darling grots I usually have to pounce in the 2.5 second gap between dressing them and the remainder of the day.

Well Dear Constant ( and long suffering ) Reader, I have given here are some pictures of my children at their finest, filthy( or naked, Ted's latest skill is undressing herself).

We also had visitors today, one of my best friends Kelly and her boyfriend Dave dropped round. He's now known as the unofficial Pink Wiggle for his skill in baby entertaining. I've never seen such a big strapping childless blokey bloke have such patience in reading 4656 renditions of a cardboard dinosaur book to a 15 month old.

Go Dave ya big ol softy!

Also some random pictures of Teddy and myself at the Adelaide museum and Zoo , including on picture of her in her new Ergo carrier.

I look happy in the picture but I must mention she'd just piddled all down my back, the joys of her nappy getting scrunched down while I carried her !

Enjoy and Ciao for now Dearest charming Constant Reader.