Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tis the season to be Jolly

Tra la la la la la Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Yes I'm Christmas obsessed, hence not being able to wait another day to post these pictures!

Stay tuned Constant Reader...Christmas Tree goes up Saturday!

Life's a Beach.

Another day another beach...this time Noarlunga with Kelly.

After a somewhat tragic day yesterday Kel obviously decided she was a glutton for punishment and asked if the kids & I would like to head down her way for a swim.

Well...I think Kelly has now lost any urge to breed anytime soon and perhaps even the will to live...but hey what the heck, the kids had fun!

Ted consumed more vast quantities of sand whilst Raphaela dashed around trying to drown herself and Bruno strutted in his sister's bikini bottoms. We even managed to get Teddles to venture into the water....& check out the bum pic!

After our swim we headed to Maccas for a icecream treat then back to Kellys for a drink and some watermelon ( Oh and Raphaela managed to knock over Kel's Christmas tree not once but TWICE! ).

Thanks for the great day Kelly...your a bloody trouper(BOOBIES!)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Semaphore Beach...another of Eden's shining days.

South Australian weather in summer...what more can I say...Bliss!

We made the trip out to Semaphore Beach yesterday to take the kids for a swim.

We ( & when I say we, I mean "I") made a delicious picnic lunch, bundled the kids into the car and off we went.

Beau and the kids had fun playing in on the excellent waterfront playground whilst I sat back and swilled from my ever present bottle of diet coke.

We even managed to get Raph and Bruno on the swings, as you can see they loved it!.

After the kids burned off some energy we headed down to the actual beach...Theodora ate about her own weight in sand and seemed like a real beach bebe. Not bad for a child that is nearly 1 and has only ever been to the beach once before.

Raphaela and Bruno of course spent the entire time racing around stealing each other's buckets and spades and trying to drown themselves while Erin and I soaked up some sun.

I also got some classic shots of Raphaela's midday breakdown, and of the children chasing some more seagulls.

All in all another lovely day, I really must make sure we get to the beach more often.

Ciao for now.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Family Fun Day at the Down Syndrome Association!

Sunday was another one of my beautiful shining days, so it was quite fitting that it was the annual Down Syndrome Association of South Australia's Family Fun day.

What a wonderful (albeit busy hot and sticky ) day we had!

Erin and I packed up our whole tribe, buckled and strapped them into their respective prams, strollers and baby slings and off we trotted to check out the festivities.

Well it had just about everything a Raphaela could dream of.

Petting Zoo, Pony's (SAUCY'S MUMMY SAUCY'S), Santa , snags galore and last but most certainly not least 50 CENT DIXIE CUPS!!!.

Raphaela had a blast watching the magic show and Theodora was obsessed with the piglets and baby goat at the petting zoo.

I actually remembered my camera for once, but I forgot to charge the battery so my camera carked it just as I went to take pictures of Bruno and Raph having horsey rides.

To top the day off we also got to meet two lovely ladies...Karen who has a little girl Grace the same age as Raphaela with Down Syndrome ( we kept missing eachother like ships in the night at mytime!) & a lovely EB mum (*waves to Jess*).

Today I had lovely relaxing day shopping for Xmas decorations...How I adore the silly season.
We were going to drive to Hahndorf but decided we'll save that for next week.

Then it was home again to make curry and bake a homemade apple,peach and blueberry will go nicely at the beach picnic we're planning tomorrow.

Stat tuned Constant is now charged!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Lady in Red.

Well girl technically, but in red nonetheless!

Excuse the fact she was trying to scale a couch to try to escape seems my children are often trying to do that.

We had another lovely relaxing day today, C.A.F.E Enfield for Mytime (Love you Tricia!)...then to Erins to drop Bruno off for a sleepover.

I've just finished having a delicious and lazy dinner of veggie wraps & now theres nothing more to do than relax with a glass of vino and browse ebay.

I also have included some old pics of Teddy...the only child who could fall asleep covered in food in an Ikea highchair.

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Weeks Random Rambles...

Well not technically a week, dear Constant Reader, but five days is close enough for artistic license.

But I am back in blogger action thanks to a borrowed USB cable( Cheers Erin ) so here go my rambles.


Raphaela had Kindy & it was another lovely warm day so I thought we might use that as an excuse to bring out the new season Fred.

She wore the very chic tie waisted dress and it looked just gorgeous on her, my dodgy photography skills just don't do it justice.

After kindy drop off I then managed to abandon my other children with Beau long enough to duck out to BB's with Vanessa.

I had a very healthy breakfast of a biscuit & Diet coke. I dread to imagine what my insides look like!

Then it was off to Glenelg to take Bruno to the playground, and for an icecream, then Kindy pickup ( sadly no Bruno pictures, I forgot my camera ).


We had MYTIME playgroup for children with special needs at C.A.F.E Enfield, Raphaela wore Target and Mummy sat on her butt and scarfed all the biscuits.

Then a quick visit to Erin's to cuddle with her cat, and home again home again.

I also got some cute pictures of Theodora and Cupcake that afternoon, they both curled up into the bouncer & had a sleep!


This was the day of the Adelaide Christmas Pageant.

I had originally planned on leaving Theodora with Beau and taking the big kids in to see the floats, but sadly they were both struck down with gastro.

I must be insane, because I decided to take Theodora in anyway and caught the bus into the city with her in the Baby Bjorn & Erin with her two girls.

Well...I can tell you dear constant reader, 6 hours with a 9 1/2 kg baby in the city does not a fun day maketh. Erin must be even madder than me because she decided to line up for Santa's Cave...4 hours later she finally got her photo's and left.

On the upside it gave me an excellent excuse to spend hours browsing David Jones, I was a good girl and left after only buying some new O.P.I nailpolish and Crabtree & Evelyn roomspray ( think I sampled every perfume in the store, omg I'm in lust with La Prarie's Silver Rain perfume! ).

Teddy had a nice play in the David Jones baby room as well...she takes after her Mummy and loves the place too!

Sunday & Monday

Just nice relaxing home days, nothing really to report.

Teddy is learning to feed herself, check out how much fun she had with a tub of yoghurt!

Well thats about all dear Constant Reader, hopefully chat more now I can load pictures again.